Free Fax to Email

Sending a fax from your computer through the internet has finally become a reality and there are many people who wish to switch over to this new technology. Understanding the email to fax service is in fact very simple and straight forward and only takes a few moments to do. Email to fax service is a service that allows you to be able to send a fax to a recipient from your computer as opposed to a regular standard fax machine.

Sending a fax from your computer via the internet is far quicker and a great deal more reliable than sending a fax using the conventional means. The conventional method of sending a fax is called fax to fax service and by definition requires two fax machines, one on either end of an analogue telephone line to be available. The trouble comes in when one of the fax machines are already busy either sending or receiving a fax.

This results in a longer turnaround time in successful sending of your fax. Other issues encountered by conventional fax users include regular or frequent paper jams, running out of ink in the middle of a fax transmission or running out of paper in the middle of a fax transmission. As one can clearly see there are more negatives than positives associated with conventional faxing. Need better fax to email?

The email to fax service successfully does away with all of these problems that are commonly associated with conventional fax to fax document transmissions. Fax to email is entirely a digital process and only requires a email to fax service account and a working or current email address. Once you have successfully subscribed to a email to fax service you will receive a fax number. This fax number works in exactly the same way that a conventional fax number.

What this means is that anyone who chooses to send you a fax from a conventional fax machine can do so by using your fax number. The fax number is yours for as long as you need it and all you need to do in order to keep it is to make sure that you use your account at least once every month.