How to Send A Fax To Computer

The conventional methods of faxing is also known as fax to fax sending or receiving and it can often be a rather drawn out process. The way that conventional fax machines work is similar to the way that telephones work. One fax machine, let’s say your fax machine, has to connect to another fax machine in order to send or receive a document. This is not always as easy as it sounds as there are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideravtion.

One of the biggest drawbacks to conventional faxing is busy telephone lines. When a fax machine needs to either send or receive a fax, that particular line will then become busy as it receives or send the transmission. This effectively means that anyone else that is trying to send a fax to that line will receive the line busy signal. You will then have to wait until the line is free before you can successfully send a fax to that line. The only way to know when the line is free is to keep trying to send the fax.

The latest way to send or receive a fax is through your computer and it is catching on very quickly throughout the world. Faxing through your computer is far more convenient than conventional faxing because there is no need for conventional telephone line connections. This means no more busy signals when trying to send a fax. You can now send a fax to computer and it is much quicker and more convenient.

Sending a fax to computer is very easy and quick to do. Sending a fax to computer uses the normal fax number. If you happen to be sending a fax from a conventional fax machine you still send the fax in the normal way. You feed the paper into the fax machine and it sends the information off. The real difference is that now the information goes through an online fax server. The information then gets converted into a PDF or TIFF document or attachment and is then received in the recipients email inbox as a normal email attachment.

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