How To Use Email To Fax

Email to fax service providers offer many different online fax solutions for businesses of all size. There are even a few who offer fax to email free of charge. While online faxing seems to be the way of the future, many users are still unsure of how email to fax works.

In a nutshell, email to fax services allow users to send and receive faxes via their email accounts. This makes it possible to manage all faxes in a much more convenient, efficient and professional way. Online faxing is also a lot more affordable than conventional fax services because many service providers offer the online fax number and the fax to email free of charge. This means that users only pay when using email to fax services, i.e. sending outgoing faxes.

Signing up for fax 2 email is quite easy and can be done in a matter of minutes. Most online fax providers will allow users to sign up via an online form. Once the registration has been completed, the online fax number is assigned to the user. This number is unique and may be forwarded to the user’s contacts and used as a traditional fax number would.

If a contact wishes to fax the user, then they would use the online fax number provided. The fax 2 email user would then receive the fax via their email account. The faxed documents would be attached to a new incoming email and can then be downloaded, archived, printed or deleted.

If the email to fax user wishes to then send a fax then they would start with a blank email. The documents that need to be faxed should then be attached to the new email. The recipient’s fax number would be entered into the field that would normally indicate the recipient’s email address. It should be noted that the user needs to use the correct format when entering the recipient’s fax number. The fax to email service provider will advise the user regarding this. When the fax is sent via the user’s email account, the recipient would receive it in the same way that they would receive a traditional fax.

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