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Sending Faxes with Free Online Fax

Faxing is dead right? Wrong believe it or not there are still those who send faxes the traditional way and the same people demand to receive information via fax. For the rest of us it is time to get with the it, where everything is done with computers, from locating past acquaintances to performing surgery so why not send faxes online too?

Free online fax is a revolutionary method of sending and receiving faxes and best of all it has freed us of the obligation of having to pay per fax! By subscribing to a free online fax service consumers are able to send faxes free of charge and free of risk.

Faxes that are sent online are not only delivered to the recipient directly by means of their email inbox, the data is also encrypted with the same encryption software used by banks so consumers can be rest assured that their information is in safe hand (figuratively speaking of course).

When sending a free online fax a digital copy of the fax is kept on the service provider’s server should the user’s PC hard drive crash a digital copy of the fax can be retrieved as an added benefit. The user is in control of his account at all times and can manage it accordingly.

To find a service provider that provides free online fax service, simply do a quick internet search on your preferred search engine. Always use service provider that are capable of catering to your needs.

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