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Your computer is probably one of the most valuable and useful tools at your disposal. You can do almost anything with your computer from surfing the internet and finding valuable and important information to socialising on one of the many social sites online. One of the newest ways that your computer can be really useful to you is as an office tool.

Now you may argue that your computer has been a useful office tool for quite some time already and this is true. There are many programs available that turn almost any computer into a useful office tool. There are programs that help you type out documents and help organize information into useful spread sheets and so on.

There is a new technology that has recently become available and this technology effectively allows you to transform your, already useful computer from a regular office tool computer into a fax computer. Using the term fax computer may seem a bit strange but it really is not. Up until now, in order to send a fax you would need a fax machine. You would then also need a certain number of items to go along with that fax machine; otherwise your fax machine would just be a plastic box.

In order to send conventional faxes in the conventional, fax to fax manner, you would require a dedicated phone line, quite a large amount of fax paper, fax ink in order to print out incoming faxes as they come in and a useful and vital service contract in order to keep your relatively expensive fax machine in top working order. With today’s internet technology you do not need a fax machine anymore.

You can turn your computer in to a fax computer. This is really great because a fax machine essentially can only send or receive faxes, it is prone to little accidents like paper jams or ink or paper shortages or a busy line that means you end up waiting longer than you really wanted to. A fax computer can be used for many things from faxing to socialising.

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